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Upcoming Trainings

SQF, HARPC, Internal Audit & Quality Management (Level 3)

Global Standards Resource is in preparation of a 2 days advanced training covering SQF, HARPC, Internal Auditing and Quality Management (Level 3).

The advanced training will provide your team with adequate skills and knowledge to effectively audit the company’s Food Safety and Quality Programs and lead to a higher level with confidence. This interactive 2 days training ensures your team understand SQF, HARPC, internal auditing, and Quality Management (Level 30 and have the ability to evaluate the compliance of the processes and procedures of the implemented systems. This training will cover ways to develop corrective and preventative action plans as you conduct internal audits to ensure none re- occurrence of deficiencies. The training costs $ 750.00 per person to cover course instruction, materials and certification fee. The trainings are taking place in different cities: Columbus Ohio, Atlanta Georgia, Boston MA, Chicago IL and Newark NJ. (See Training Agenda)

Please contact our office for more details.

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